Mobility and Scholarships

1) When am I eligible to apply? 


You are eligible to apply for an Erasmus+ scholarship if you are registered as a full-time student in one of the (currently) 20 partner universities and will have finished the first year of your study programme by the time you start your mobility.


2) Are all programmes of the host university available for me?


You can only apply for a scholarship if your subject area is available and open for exchange at your chosen host university and if an agreement between the home and host institutions is in place.It is best to contact your home university contact person about this.In all cases, contact your International Office before you start your application. Your International Office has detailed information on the levels of exchange and subject areas for which an application can be submitted. The availability of scholarships per level varies per participating country and university. More information can be found here.


Online application form

1) I clicked "save for now"but now I login again and the documents have disappeared. What happened?


Your personal data will be saved, but the uploaded documents cannot be stored or "saved for now". We therefore recommend you to save the required documentation onto your computer and only upload them before actually submitting your application.


2) I have submitted my application, but I have not received any confirmation mail. Did something go wrong?


Please, do not try to apply again. It is best to contact the University of Groningen first because your application might have been received already. We will check if  this is the case and get back to you as soon as possible


3) I cannot apply due to system errors, what do I do?


Please make sure to try again. If this doesn't work please contact the University of Groningen.



1) What documents do I need for my application?


You can find this information on the Groningen exchange website. You will find all necessary information per type of mobility (bachelor-, master-, or PhD exchange; teaching- and training staff exchange).

To find out how to get an invitation letter / pre-acceptance letter from the University of Groningen, please scroll down to the last paragraph.


2) I only have an institutional English proficiency test. Can I use this for my application?


It is best to check the admissions requirements for exchange at the University of Groningen. Usually the international acknowledged tests as TOEFL and IELTS are accepted and institutional tests are not. Note that some partners have made special arrangements regarding the language requirements. Make sure to follow the instructions from your own International Office and the exchange office at the University of Groningen faculty.


3) I have two passports, one of them European, should I upload copies of both?


Yes, please upload them both. For us it is really useful information, especially in case you will be selected for a scholarship. The Netherlands have strict visa regulations. Having a European passport simplifies matters.


4) Are there any requirements regarding the style, length and content of the motivation letter?


For the Asian, African and European ICM partners there are no specific criteria. For Latin America Partners there are specific guidelines. However, please realise that the motivation letter is of great importance: you need to convince the evaluation committee of why you are a suitable candidate for an ICM scholarship.


5) I have done the TOEFL/IELTS test but the test results will not be available before the deadline. What can I do?


If the test results will be in immediately after the deadline, then it is always possible to contact the University of Groningen about this. There is a lenience of about a week, but no more. Proof of having taken the test can be uploaded. The final results will be checked in case you are conditionally accepted even without these test results.


Requirements and Eligibility

1) Can I apply if I am not registered or employed at one of the ICM partners?


You can only apply if you are registered or employed at one of the ICM partners.


2) Can I also apply if I am already on an exchange at the host university of my choice?


The ICM exchange is specifically meant for an exchange that will happen in the future. If you are already enrolled at the host university or are already involved in a research or administrative staff exchange at the host university then, unfortunately you cannot apply.


Invitation letter / pre-acceptance letter for PhD and Staff applying for UG

Q: How can I get an invitation letter / pre-acceptance letter from the University of Groningen (UG)?


Please note that the department of International Strategy & Relations (ISR) and the Mobility & Scholarship Desk (MSD) cannot host individual mobilities, nor do they provide invitation letters to applicants. The exception is mentioned below under “Staff training mobility”.


For PhD students: as a PhD student you are expected to find a supervisor/host by yourself. The potential supervisor is the only person who can provide an invitation letter. You can look for a supervisor in your field of research on the website: http://www.rug.nl/research/gateways -> find an expert. In case you contact a potential host, always include your CV and research plan. Also, explain you are applying for an Erasmus scholarship to cover your costs of living and travel.


For teaching staff mobility: as teaching staff you should be invited by a colleague, or find a colleague who is willing and able to host you. In case you do not have a contact person/host yet, check the website http://www.rug.nl/research/gateways, or the faculty specific websites. In case you contact a potential host, always include your CV and mobility/teaching plan. Also, explain you are applying for an Erasmus scholarship to cover your costs of living and travel. In case you do not know your potential host yet, please be aware it may be quite difficult to organize this type of mobility.


For staff training mobility: the University of Groningen in principle does not organize individual staff trainings. This means that staff trainings can only be realized on personal invitation by a colleague at UG, or if you, as applicant, find a host yourself or know someone who can host you. The only exception is the bi-annual Erasmus Staff Week organized by ISR (last edition was in May 2018), to which colleagues from partner universities are invited who work in one of the areas that are the topics of this staff week. Partner universities will receive information on the next staff week.

In case you contact a potential host yourself, always include your CV and mobility/training plan (be as specific as possible). Also, explain you are applying for an Erasmus scholarship to cover your costs of living and travel.  In case you do not know your potential host yet, please be aware that for capacity reasons or otherwise, the department you would like to visit may have to decline your request.


For all types of mobilities mentioned: if you contact a potential host, please put msd@rug.nl in the cc field, so they may step in if required.