Latin America

We have 4 partners in Latin America

Latin American partners


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Universidade de São Paulo

Prof. Moacyr Ayres Novaes Filho

Rogério Nóbrega (Student Mobility)

Website international office

Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia Maria Vanegas  
Universidad de Chile Paula Castillo  
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México Imelda Lopez Villaseñor  

If you need guidance in connecting with a Groningen researcher contact Joyce Fongers, with an English-language CV and an outline of your research project.

  • If you are interested in biomedical research, consult the University Medical Center research overview here and the website for more information.
  • If you are interested in research in a non-biomedical field, look for opportunities via


Selection of candidates

  • There is a joint selection procedure coordinated between the Latin American institution and the University of Groningen
  • Ranking is based on three main criteria: (1) academic excellence and motivation; (2) socio-economic need; and (3) cooperation potential (sustainability)
  • Applicants who do fulfil the requirements but do not rank among those who can be granted a scholarship will be placed on a reserve list
  • Applicants who do not fulfil the requirements to be awarded a ICM scholarship will be rejected